Our Oil Mill

The milling

Olives from the mill and local

Brignoni extra-virgin oil comes entirely from local and mill olives, the olives are harvested by hand or with mechanical shakers which keep the fruit intact until processing. Our oil mill consists of a continuous cycle milling plant with cold extraction (below 27°C) via decanter.

In each phase of the manufacturing process there is a probe for constant temperature control. The olives are weighed as soon as they arrive at the mill and ground within 24 hours, an identification tag is applied to each bin and the processing sheet is filled in. This internal form allows you to write down any information relating to the single batch of olives and ensure its traceability.

Constant check

Quality and traceability

The processing

All steps

The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  • Defoliation
  • Washing of the olives
  • Drying of the olives
  • Crushing by knives
  • Personalized kneading
  • Extraction via decanter (horizontal centrifuge)
  • Separation by separator (vertical centrifuge)
  • “Filterflo” oil filter system
  • Oil storage in stainless steel tanks with controlled and constant temperature between 10° and 18°

Customer services

Specialized activities

La nostra struttura offre vari servizi ai nostri clienti:

  • Olive milling from 200 kg (cumulative under 200 kg)
  • Milling of “MARCHE” IGP olives
  • Organic olive milling
  • Monocultivar olive milling
  • Provision of boxes for olive harvesting
  • Provision of bins for olive harvesting
  • Immediate oil filtering
  • Packaging
  • Air-conditioned oil storage

Contact our Oil Mill

Located in Corinaldo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the Brignoni Oil Mill is a point of reference for local producers, tourists, lovers of taste and healthy eating.

We are at
Via Giovanni Branca, 9
60013 Corinaldo (AN)